2020 saw a different way of celebrating volunteers during National Volunteers week. Instead of our normal road trip, visiting different towns in the Hume region and enjoying a coffee and piece of cake with many of our fabulous volunteers, we were forced to convert our celebrations virtually. This didn’t stop us being able to surprise our volunteers with a little gift though. Arriving via post our current community visitor (CVS) volunteers received a thank you card, accompanied with an individually wrapped tea bag and a magnet to thank them for all that they do within the program.  

We celebrated and thanked our volunteers through our Facebook page and email communications, and we held phone catch ups and zoom meetings which proved to be a great success, not only to celebrate National Volunteers Week, but also to connect our volunteers with each other. Regular zoom meetings are now being planned to keep volunteers connected due to the positive feedback received.  

We ‘waved our appreciation’ for volunteers around Australia by participating in the Wave Your Appreciation for Volunteers campaign run by Volunteering Australia. 

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers in our areas and around Australia. You are irreplaceable and contribute far more than you realise!