Using technology to communicate effectively

There are a number of ways to stay connected when you can’t physically see someone.  Some ways are easy – make a phone call, write a letter or card, send a parcel. But other ways are new and harder to navigate. Here are some tutorials to help understand other ways to use technology to stay in touch with others.


FaceTime is used exclusively on apple products and is already preinstalled for one on one video calling. Face time operates through your phone, data or internet plan that your device uses.

How to use Face time on iphone or ipad

Written instructions for Facetime on Apple computer


WhatsApp is a free app that can be used on any phone connected to Wi-Fi. The app allows you to make voice and video calls, send and receive messages, documents, photos and videos.

Written and video instructions to set up WhatsApp


Skype is an application that specialises in video chat and voice calls. It can also be used to send messages and images. It can be used on computers, phones, tablets, ipads and other devices connected to the internet. You can have multiple people involved in the one video call at once. It has many free features and some additional paid features.

To use you need to download skype to your device and create an account. There are many online tutorials on how to use Skype. Some simple tutorials are:

Written instructions

Installing Skype (Video instructions)


Zoom is a cloud-based system that operates through the internet or calls, video calls and online chat. Zoom has full basic plans for free with higher paid plans available. All of Zoom features can be used on computers, smartphones. The calling function can also be used from a standard telephone.

To use you need to download zoom to your computer. If you are joining a zoom meeting someone else has sent you then you do not need an account. You just need to join the meeting.

How to join a zoom meeting